How to monetize and finance a tax incentive grant for Canadian films

Everyone seems to know and benefit from them, so why not you? We are of course talking about the tax incentive for film financiers in Canada. There is not a day that we do not read that film tax credits in the United States are being considered for downsizing, or in some cases total elimination. ….  Read More

The casino wave

When I visited Monte Carlo, Monaco a few weeks ago, I came across a former colleague, we had been in the same card counting team almost twenty years ago, we sat at the Havana CafĂ© and we discussed old memories, she had spent the whole time since we last met at the Blackjack tables in ….  Read More

What comes after the Swift cold gluing machine?

About 8 years ago, JMCampbell of Glasgow closed its doors. For many years, they had been the manufacturers of the Swift cold gluing machine. The Swift was an old reliable workhorse, simple in design and operation; it has been used by several thousand people around the world. You can still find a used Swift cold ….  Read More

The price of too much fluoride

Fluoride – Some interesting facts “The first occurrence of fluoridated drinking water on Earth was found in Nazi prison camps in Germany. The Gestapo cared little about the supposed effect of fluoride on children’s teeth. In their concentration camps in a bid calm. “ Ref: The crime and punishment of IG Farben by Joseph Borkin ….  Read More

Do you speak Taino? 7 Taino native words you probably already know

The Taino people were a peaceful people with a complex society who lived on the Greater Antilles islands of Hispaniola (now the Dominican Republic and Haiti), Cuba, Puerto Rico and Jamaica. The Taino language was a soft, melodious and soft language, without harsh gutturals. It flowed quickly and contained many vowel sounds. The Taino language ….  Read More

Why Indian craft industry is booming

One of the most important industries in India, which is currently making the headlines, is Indian handicrafts. For decades it has remained one of the instrumental industries in India to be one of the biggest job creators. It is still considered to be the cottage industry, although it has evolved as the main source of ….  Read More

The best carpentry supplies

“Words are tools that automatically shape concepts from experience” – Julian S. Huxley. You need more than words to sculpt or build elegant wooden objects. Man has always fascinated the greatest natural resource in the world – wood. Primitive human beings used wood to create fire, and wood was certainly one of the first materials ….  Read More

How to plan a trip to Europe

For many people, Europe represents the trip of a lifetime, which means that when planning a trip there, it is imperative to prioritize all of your options so that they are realistic with the time you have available. After you’ve done the basics like making sure you have a valid passport, it’s time to plan ….  Read More

Back pain, neck pain, headache? Try Dorn Spinal therapy!

Dorn Spinal Therapy was developed by a man named Dieter Dorn in Germany in the 1970s. Mr. Dorn, a farmer, had no medical training and sought treatment for long-term back pain relief. He was fortunate to meet a healer who performed a gentle procedure on him that relieved his pain by helping the vertebrae and ….  Read More

Economic slowdown as British Airways and Alitalia fight

The airlines knew it would be difficult, but it is fair to say that they did not think it would be so difficult. With the credit crunch in full swing, the purse strings have been tightened coupled with advance planning for volatile oil prices and the unexpected is just not enough. The Conservatives also warned ….  Read More