Woodrow wilson

Woodrow Wilson (1856 1924), the 28th American president, served from 1913 to 1921 and ruled America during the First World War (1914 1918). A defender of democracy and world peace, Wilson is widely regarded by historians as one of the country’s brightest presidents. Wilson was a university professor, Democratic governor and president of the University ….  Read More

The subprime mortgage crisis and its ripple effect

Experts believe that the mortgage crisis is perhaps the greatest financial shock to the country after the Great Depression of the 1930s and the early 1940s. The subprime mortgage crisis in the United States, which burst due to the bursting of the housing bubble, did not leave the major economies of the world unscathed. The ….  Read More

Europe’s last fascist dictator

Fascism is a philosophy as old as history. It really means that when there is chaos in society, the government must take over with an iron fist. This theory of fascism dates back to modern times from Roman times. In the 20th century, when Europe was experiencing an economic recession and people were wondering what ….  Read More

A treasure – Finance Investment Investment Spain

640,000 new dwellings were built in 2004, a higher number than Germany, France and Italy combined. This proves that the real estate financial investment market in Spain is growing and developing with a prospect. Spain, with its warm and welcoming climate, its azure fronts and its reasonable economic factors, is a home for real estate ….  Read More

ING Direct

The story ING Direct has grown into one of the world’s leading Internet banks in recent years, and only started in 1997. The birth of this global brand took place in Canada, when the country’s five giant banking institutions started to offer services. which were basically very similar to each other. To offer an excellent ….  Read More

A brief history of engraving

Before the creation of the printing press, engraving was not considered an art form. It was considered a means of communication. It was not until the 18th century that art prints began to be considered as originals, then in the 19th century, artists began to produce a limited edition of their work and to sign ….  Read More

2011 debt crisis and economic outlook in Europe

2011 in Germany, France and in the other economies of the euro zone, driven by the main countries, GDP growth will be close to 2%, a slight improvement compared to 2010. Spain does not need to external aid currently, even if Spain needs aid, the European Union, the IMF and the European Central Bank will ….  Read More