Web page translation: professional means safe

Today, everything from comics to economics is neither specific to a country nor to a language. Businesses, art, literature, pop songs, etc., etc., must be as multilingual and multicultural as the target audiences and consumers. Web pages are no exception. The whole world does not speak English – barely 20% of the world’s population speak ….  Read More

Practicing a language online has never been so much fun

Remember when computers and language learning meant repeating sentences? No longer can you now practice reading, listening, speaking and writing online for free. Reading is one of the best ways to develop your vocabulary, and it’s probably the first skill in which you will master a foreign language. The best part, using a browser plugin, ….  Read More

Facts about financing the bank guarantee

Many individuals, especially business owners, struggle to achieve financial stability. That is why they are looking for services that can help them. Fortunately, banking and credit companies provide different financial services. And one of the most popular services for business owners is bank guarantee financing. What is the bank guarantee? A bank guarantee is a ….  Read More

The text message says – HMD?

The other day, I was at a local cafe and it was Mother’s Day. I heard a lady tell her husband that two of her three children had sent her a message wishing her a happy mother’s day. While she was sitting there, the third child, one of her daughters, who is often a student, ….  Read More

Are Polish words unpronounceable?

Have you ever heard the popular joke where the ophthalmologist asks his Polish patient if he can read the last line of the table during an eye exam? “Read it?” said the patient. “orzsk? I know this guy!” For anyone accustomed to “standard” consonant-vowel combinations that produce syllable sounds in English, combinations like ch, cz, ….  Read More

Wehrmacht motorcycles

The inventor of the German motorcycle Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach could never have imagined that their invention would also be put to death by the army of his own country. However, Hitler’s rise and his rearmament policy for Germany led to the induction of the motorcycle as part of the Wehrmacht equipment. This was ….  Read More

Cuckoo history

What is a cuckoo clock? A cuckoo clock is a clock, generally driven by a pendulum, which rings the hours using small bellows and pipes which imitate the call of the common cuckoo in addition to striking a metal stamp. The mechanism for producing the cuckoo call has been installed in almost all types of ….  Read More

Book review of Marshal Von Manstein, The head of Janus, a portrait

Few would dispute the claim that Erich von Manstein would rank among the best, if not the best, operational level military commanders of World War II. However, due to Manstein’s decisions during and after the war, he was also among the most controversial figures in the war. Despite Manstein’s central role in the war, no ….  Read More